Senior Staff

Headteacher Mrs Hingley
Assistant Head Mr Cumberland (Community/Examinations and Assessment/School Journeys)
Assistant Head Mrs Robbins (Pastoral/Child Protection)
Assistant Head Mrs Biddulph
Assistant Head Miss Wainwright

Pastoral Matters

Head of Year 7 Mr Barber
Head of Year 8 Mr Heywood
Head of Year 9 Mr Figgis
Head of Year 10 Mr Kerr
Head of Year 11 Mr Taylor
Deputy Head of Pastoral/Attendance Miss Wainwright
Head of Learning Support Mr O’Connor
Head of Pastoral Mrs Robbins

Administration Contacts

Main number 01782 729400
FAX number 01782 729421
Business Manager Mrs Smith 01782 729403
Finance Assistant Miss Hemmings 01782 729428
Head’s PA Mrs McLoughlin 01782 729426
School e-mail

If you want to contact someone at school about a pastoral matter you should contact your child’s tutor, the Head of Year or Head of Pastoral.

Heads of Department

Alternative Curriculum Mr Taylor
Art Miss Formstone
English Language & English Literature Mr Taylor
Food & Catering
Geography Miss Bibby
Health & Social Care Ms Deakin
History Mrs Adams
ICT & Business Studies Mr Harridge
Maths Mr Smith
Modern Languages Mrs Cooper
Music Miss Miller
PE Mr Matthews
RE Mr Heywood
Science Mr Warriner
Technology Mr Potts

Teaching Staff

Art Miss Formstone, Mrs Bradbury, Miss Cleary
Drama Mrs Trender, Mr Taylor
English Language & English Literature Mr Taylor, Mrs Hingley, Mrs Green, Mr Kerr, Mr Figgis, Miss Wilson, Mr Biles-Liddell
Food & Catering Miss Tunstall
Geography Mrs Biddulph, Mr O’Connor, Miss Bibby
Health & Social Care Mrs Deakin
Special Needs Mr O’Connor
History Miss Adams, Mrs Deakin, Mrs Robbins
ICT & Business Studies Mr Harridge, Mr Candlin
Maths Mr Smith, Miss Wild, Mr Williams, Mrs Thompson, Mr Kapasi
Modern Languages Mrs Cooper, Mrs Zobolas, Ms Darch
Music Miss Miller, Mrs Trender
PE Mr Matthews, Ms Locke, Mr O’Neill, Mrs Goodwin
RE Mr Heywood, Mr Barber
Science Mr Warriner, Mrs Goodwin, Miss Wainwright, Miss Slaney, Mr Qayyum, Mr Cumberland, Mr Holdway
Technology Mr Potts, Miss Tunstall

Support Staff

Business Manager Mrs J Smith
Head’s PA Mrs A McLoughlin
External Examinations Administrator Mrs S Wilding
Finance Assistant Mrs L Holloway
Pastoral Administrator Mrs N Bailey
Receptionist & Clerical Assistant Mrs F Cox
Receptionist & Clerical Assistant Mrs Hewitt
Student Mentor Support Mrs S Griffin
Network Manager Mr M Dove
ICT Technician Mr S Colclough
Media Technician Mr A Morris
Supervisory Science Technician Mrs A Dove
External Exam Administrator Mrs S Wilding
Reprographics Officer Mr S Green
Food & Textiles Technician Mrs D Morgan
Caretaking Co-ordinator Mr K Williams
Site Technician Mr S Henshall
Caretaker Mr D Lomas
Cleaning Services Manager Miss K Wilkinson
School Nurse Mrs S Goodwin
Connexions Personal Advisors Mrs A Roberts, Mrs S Boardman
Dinner Supervisors Mrs D Dubiel, Mrs M Gerrard, Mrs A Payne, Mrs J Wise
Teaching Assistant (ICT) Miss K Hughes
Teaching Assistant (English) Miss R Carter
Teaching Assistant (Maths) Mr T Oliver
Teaching Assistants (Special Needs) Miss C Bryan, Ms J Day, Ms J Dele-Fane, Mrs J Hearson, Mr R Stevenson, Miss M Burns, Mrs H Beardmore