Sir Thomas Boughey is a Co-operative Trust School

Co-operative are owned and controlled by their members using a simple ‘one person one vote’ system.

As a co-operative we have the same rules. If you would like to be part of our co-operative click the membership link to the right. Membership is open to a wide range of people.

Our school is known to be very value driven and we base our school’s core values on the internationally agreed

‘Co-operative Values and Principles’. You can find out more about our work as a Co-operative School from our main website or by clicking here.

We believe that the co-operative way of running a school is one of the best ways to ensure good values for our young people as well as ensuring that the school is part of the community it serves.

By putting ‘Community back into a Community School’ we feel our co-operative is about keeping us locally owned and part of the community we serve.

All co-operatives are independent and we are the same. We are not owned by any other organisation and a co-operative in our own right. As a co-operative we are part of the International family of co-operatives businesses and associations of which there are several thousand in the UK alone.

If you want to find out more about Co-operative Schools or our work as a co-operative please do contact us on 01782 729426 and ask to speak to our Co-operative Affairs Officer or e-mail

You can also visit our Trust Forum page for information on the Sir Thomas Boughey Co-operative Trust Forum.

Download area

If you want to download information leaflets, application forms or other documents visit our download area.

Click here to find out how to become a member.