Sir Thomas Boughey Co-operative Trust Forum

We strive to embed a co-operative ethos in order to develop independent, caring and creative young people within a purposeful learning environment.

The forum is elected by the members of the co-operative trust to represent the members and make recommendations to the Trustees. We can also appoint some Trustees.

The forum meets regularly to discuss matters related to the trust. We can pass on the views of the members to the Trustees and the school governors. At present our main objective is to increase trust membership from parents, pupils and the community. The forum must have members from each of the constituency groups: pupils, parents, staff and community. Any member of the trust may be nominated to be a member of the forum, but will need to be elected by their fellow members. Until now the ‘shadow’ forum has predominately consisted of staff while the trust has been getting up and running, but it is now time for the forum to be formally elected by its members.

We are going to hold a ballot on the 14th February to elect members to the school forum. These elections will enable pupil and staff members to vote for who should represent them on the forum and make sure their views are represented. If you are a member and would like to stand for election to the forum then complete a nomination form and hand it in to Mrs Griffin in the library by 1:30pm on Friday 8th February. You can collect a form from Mrs Griffin or download one here.

Every member gets one vote; if you are not a member, why not join our co-operative trust and make sure your voice is heard?

If there is an issue you would like the forum to discuss, then let us know by e-mailing