Poetry Club

The Poetry Club takes place every Friday lunch time from 12:45pm onwards in room 3. The aims of the poetry club are to provide pupils with an opportunity of being able to express themselves creatively and explore different forms of poetry and poetic techniques as a means of being able to do so. The Poetry Club also aims to enrich skills studied as part of the curriculum and develop these skills further. The Poetry Club is set within the traditional classroom environment yet the less formal atmosphere created gives pupils more confidence with their written expression, their creativity and boosts their overall literacy skills. During every Poetry Club meeting, pupils have access to Netbooks and are thus able to develop their ICT skills further as well. It is becoming an increasingly popular club and examples of poems produced by its members can be found on this website.

Emotive Poetry

Pupils were challenged to provide verbs, adjectives and poetic devices in a group task based on an emotion. The outcome of that is a poem that has been created from the random assortment of ideas they were given.

I stared at him,
I will have limb from limb!
I shouted: Darn you mister flipping – spineless – jawless!
I created that from valuable time with a thesaurus.
Why do I hate?
He grabbed my custard and ate.
I asked him why.
It came with reply:
“I was told by the cards of the tarot,
If I hadn’t, I would have turned into arrow
To shoot down your eyes filled with sorrow!”
I shouted, “You liar!
Your pants are clearly on fire!”

Stream of Conscience Poetry

Pupils were given a specific time limit in which to write continuously without thinking about what they were writing or stopping to correct their work. The content of these poems demonstrates the creativity of the mind and the freedom at which ideas can be created. Structure and form are added afterwards to help create meaning in the poem but the words must not be changed.

I remember a time when poetry was about rhyme;
All that’s changed now.
Is this supposed to be a poem?
I remember December snow and flow
That grew from you and your
Mind, blind, by fear and often, my dear,
A lucid dreary notion of something in the ocean
Of my tranquillity.
I digress:
Such is my unrest at what I have seen gleam in the stream of thought
You like minded fool who knows not what you do.
You do not appease or please the tools of labour that once were able

Stuff they say – by Jake Colclough

They say sleep heals the mind;
Nobody ever sleeps though.
They say breakfast helps the brain;
Nobody eats breakfast though, anyway.

They say love is very happy;
Nobody mentions when they die.
They say dreams are fun, always;
Nobody mentions the nightmares.

They tell you nothing,
And expect you to talk.
They tell you nothing,
And expect you to.

Thrice Elephants – by Emily Jones

They say peace heals most things;
Nobody tries to disagree.
They say harmony has a voice;
Nobody listens to it speak.

They say love made the world;
Nobody mentions the broken hearts.
They say dreams change your thoughts,
Nobody thinks about loss.

They tell you nothing,
And expect you do something.
They tell you everything
And expect you to live.

They spend their lives wasting time
On the misshapen excuses of homes,
Trying to find the right words
To say.