Reading for Pleasure

The English Department has been involved in the promotion of whole-school reading for pleasure. It believes that enjoyment of reading can be achieved through a number of initiatives which in turn can be used to help raise attainment across the curriculum. Research has consistently linked good reading habits to academic success.

Free Books – Year Seven

With subsidised funding from the Book Trust charity, the school provides a free book for every pupil in Year Seven. Pupils are encouraged to choose their own book from a selection of twelve, representing new and exciting publications in the world of children’s fiction. The free book programme is administered by the English Department, which is instrumental in helping pupils to select the book which is right for them.


The work of the library (led by a highly-qualified librarian) is supported by the English Department. Each term, pupils are given a ‘library lesson’. During such lessons, pupils are permitted to peruse the books available to them and select something that matches their interests. Discussions about reading, book reviews and the impact of writing on readers all feature in English lessons.

Reading Questionnaire

Every academic year, all pupils complete a reading questionnaire. It poses questions about pupils’ interest in reading and their reading habits. The outcomes of the questionnaire is analysed by the Head of Department and actions are taken where appropriate.


Following the Head of Department’s analysis of Year Ten reading questionnaires, it became clear that many pupils (40%) expressed an interest in reading newspapers if they were available in school. It is also the strong advice of the Senior English Consultant for Staffordshire County Council that newspapers be accessible to pupils. Newspapers are purchased every day by the school and are distributed by the Literacy across the curriculum co-ordinator. Copies of the ‘I’ and ‘The Sentinel’ can be found in the English Department, in the library and in the LSU.