GCSE Catering

WJEC GCSE Catering Course Information

This course develops skills and knowledge in a vocational context. It considers nutrition and meal planning in the catering industry and factors which influence menu planning. Linked to the vocational context, the course considers health and hygiene practice in the food industry, costing and portion control and the importance of communication and record keeping. Practical skill development and the presentation of food are important aspects of this course.

60% Controlled Assessment / 40% Written Examination

Controlled Assessment

In Year 10 students complete a Commodity Task. This contributes 20% of the GCSE grade. Students study a commodity in depth completing a written portfolio of research, costing and evaluation supported by the preparation of four dishes demonstrating the use of the commodity and high level practical skill and presentation skills. Currently students research and prepare Afternoon Tea.

In Year 11 students complete a Catering Task. This contributes 40% of the GCSE grade. Students are set a catering context and they plan a two course meal to meet the needs of the situation. The dishes must demonstrate high skill levels and represent a well-planned and well balanced menu. The practical task will be supported by a portfolio charting the development of the menu through all research, planning and evaluation stages.

Written Examination

This is taken at the end of Year 11. 1 ¼ hours written examination consisting of multiple choice, short and longer answer questions.

Controlled Assessment

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