GCSE French Revision

  • ListeningLoads of listening exercises at a variety of levels (not necessarily aimed at GCSE, but rather beginner to very much not beginner!).
  • Project GCSEAs long as you can “look past the adverts”, then you will find some excellent vocabulary and structures to help you with the listening and reading examinations.
  • French in a ClickYou’ll need to download the free 7 day trial, but so long as you use the 7 days well, then it will be worthwhile.
  • LinguascopeGood for practising your vocabulary – particularly if you are looking at the C/D borderline grades and making sure you get that C … check the window in ML4 for the password.
  • LinguastarsReally good for those of you looking for Bs, As and A*s … check the window in ML4 for the password.
  • S-CoolCheesy website name, definitely, but some really good activities to practise that vocabulary! It’s split down into topics and is very user friendly as well.
  • Le Point du FLESome really good reading and listening exercises, all vocabulary based and classified by theme.
  • Wildfrench