GCSE French and German

At STB, pupils are given the option to choose either French, German or both languages at GCSE. The course allow pupils to recap all of the language covered so far at Key Stage 3; however the content, range of vocabulary and grammar becomes more in depth.

The MFL department tries to teach key skills which will help pupils to achieve at a GCSE level from Year 7 onwards, giving pupils longer to develop these essential skills.

Due to less study time at Key Stage 3 in German, this GCSE begins much more intensively than French; yet all pupils soon reach the required standard and achievement has always been good.

Throughout both courses, pupils will study and be assessed on a range of topics:

  • Media and Culture
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Business, Work and Employment
  • Travel and Tourism

The courses are divided into the four key skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The Listening and Reading components each count for 20% of the final grade. These are both assessed in two final exams at the end of the two-year course.

  • Listening: 25 mins (Foundation Tier) 35 mins (Higher Tier)
  • Reading: 35 mins (Foundation Tier) 50 mins (Higher Tier)
  • Speaking and Writing are both assessed through controlled assessments, which can be taken at any time throughout the course. Two controlled assessment pieces for each skill need to be completed. The Speaking and Writing components each count for 30% of the final grade.

The use of controlled assessments gives some flexibility in allowing teaching staff to choose tasks which will interest and excite pupils. Previous tasks include writing a short children’s story, describing a past holiday, talking about a favourite celebrity or hobby and talking about a favourite day out.

Pupils are given up to 6 hours of lesson time to prepare for these assessments. They then have one hour in which to complete their written task, or a 4-6 minute conversation with their class teacher.