The GCSE course aims to promote a greater depth of knowledge and understanding in sporting issues. The course covers both practical and theoretical aspects of sport. Pupils will develop understanding in the areas of health, basic physiology, safety and the role of sport in a wider social context.

The Facts!

  • GCSE PE is a 2 year course.
  • Your exam board is OCR.
  • If you pass GCSE PE you will gain 1 GCSE qualification.
  • Made up of 4 units:
    1. B451 and B452 – completed in year 10.
    2. B453 and B454 – completed in year 11.
  • 50% of the course will be made up of practical performances from 4 different sports and 2 controlled assessment tasks.
  • Over the 2 year course, 50% of your overall mark will be based on theory work.