KS4 Technology: A GCSE Course

This course not only allows pupils to learn about a range of materials and industrial manufacturing processes but, also involves them in the design and manufacture of their own products.

There will also be an opportunity to consider how past and present designers and modern design movements have influenced society. The course also looks at environmental issues together with sustainability, social and moral considerations, as well as the “human” element of design

How will the work be assessed?

Controlled assessment 60%

The coursework project will require pupils to create a 3 dimensional product with a design folder showing how they have developed design ideas and modelling of prototypes. Pupils will research existing products and materials used in the process of creation of their products, together with other aspects of the course outlined above.

Examination 40%

There is one examination lasting two hours. This will test pupil design skills, their knowledge and understanding of materials, processes, techniques, technologies and the evaluation of commercial practices and products.

Are there different levels of entry?

There is a single tier of entry enabling pupils to achieve all grades from G to A*