Year 9 Projects

Point of Sale Project

The year 9 project led by Miss Tunstall is currently being reviewed.

In this project you will learn about the importance of marketing a product. You will design a new game and produce the case using a range of programs on the computer, including, Word, Publisher and Fireworks.

You will then produce a point of sale display to advertise your new game using card.

You point of sale must be eye catching and advertise your new game quickly so the customer can clearly see what it’s about. Layout and colours are key!

By the end of this project you will have learned:

  • The importance of analysing existing products
  • Key information and symbols that must be included on a game case
  • How to use computer programs to produce a professional looking product
  • About printing processes and how it would be made in industry
  • How to manipulate card and paper
  • The importance of colour
  • Solving the problem of a flat pack product becoming stable and sturdy enough to hold a game case