How it Began

It started with our former head teacher Mr Boston, who was contacted by the Co-Operative group who asked would we like to work with schools in Tanzania. Mrs Biddulph and Mr O’Connor were selected to visit the Rombo district. After the first visit, Mr Dinya was invited to come and see our school. To experience our culture fully, he stayed with Mrs Biddulph and her family and each day he would come into school to observe lessons and to talk to pupils. Both visits were such a success, that Mrs Biddulph asked if she could spend her summer in Tanzania teaching. Their school holidays are different, so whilst we are on holiday, their first term has just started. It is common for staff to live on the school grounds, so Mrs Biddulph stayed with the Bongole family. Mr Dinya has now moved schools to be the head teacher at Makiidi high school and rather than lose our valuable link, we have decided to work with this school.

Throughout our project, we have been keeping in contact with the school by sending Christmas Cards, Letters and even sent football shirt. Financially, they have never asked for money or school equipment, just our continued correspondents with our focus of helping pupils to learn English for their 3rd language.