School Stationery Price List

All items are available to buy before school / at break time / at lunch time (until 1pm) / after school – but not during lesson time or in the lesson change over

Item Price
Ball Point Black 2p
Ball Point Red 2p
Ball Point Green 2p
Ball Point Purple 10p
Hand Writer Blue 15p
Hand Writer Black 15p
Exam Pencil Case £1.60
Highlighters Assorted 20p
Calculators £6.50
Pencils 5p
Sharpeners 5p
Rubber 2p
Ruler 30cm 5p
Ruler 15cm 5p
Colouring Pencils £1.00
Ties £5.00
Year 11 Ties £5.50
Replacement Planner £2.00
Badges £3.50
Gum Shields Senior £2.00
Gum Shields Junior £2.00
Memory Stick 4GB £2.50