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Home Access to the School Network

Staff and registered pupils of the school are able to gain access to the school network whilst not at school. This will provide access to a users personal files and to the main school intranet.

Remote desktop provides a log on like being on a school computer – you may need to add the website as a trusted site – click here to see how to do this. See the help page for more information on using remote desktop.

File access and the school intranet may bring up some security warnings on your computer relating to our website’s certificate. These can safely be ignored, (continue to secure access by clicking ‘continue to this website’)

but if you install our security certificate then they may be avoided completely. Click here to install our certificate. For detailed instructions see the help page.

If you have problems accessing our network, visit our help page for further assistance.

Office 365

Staff and pupils can use office 365 to access their school email through Outlook, use Word, Excel etc and access files stored on their school one drive from any internet connected device.

For pupils your username is your school username (sometimes known as b number)@students.stb.academy 
Your password is the same as the password you use to login in school.