Remote Access Help

Troubleshooting & Assistance with STBH Home Access

Step by step instructions to log on to Remote Desktop.

Common Problems

Security Certificates

You may see a certificate error, “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” This is not anything to be concerned about. You are safe to click ‘continue to this website (not recommended)’.

You may also receive a message “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate.” It is safe to click the information bar and choose ‘Display Blocked Content’.

To avoid these warnings and messages you can download our server certificate and install it on your PC.

How to install the server certificate.

Blank Screen when trying to connnect

When trying to use remote access you may find that after completing all the steps to connect, you just get a blank screen rather than the STBH logon window.

In this event, you probably need to add our remote desktop web server address as a trusted site.

How to add our remote desktop web server as a trusted site.

If you are asked to log in enter your school username and password.

You may find your system is set to block cookies or other aspects that you will need so that you access the system. You are safe to click to accept these.

Nothing happens when you click ‘Connect’

This usually means that internet explorer is not set in compatibility mode.

How to enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 11.

Locked Desktop

If your remote desktop session becomes locked after you’ve left it for a while, you can unlock it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+End instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Can’t connect to Remote Desktop

Using internet explorer, but get message about incorrect browser or you click on the ‘Connect’ Button, but nothing happens.

Press ‘F12’ to bring up developer tools, then ‘Ctrl 8’ to get the ‘emulation’ menu

It should now work!


Click the link below. If you have problems that these help pages do not resolve please report them using option 6

1. I do not have Adobe Reader on my computer, where do I get it from?

This is free software which can be obtained from Adobe’s website.

2. I can’t load software packages like MS Access from school

If you log in to the old ‘Easylink’ file access, you can only load your own files, not run programs.

To run packages on the school system, choose the ‘remote desktop’ option, which allows you to log on from you home computer as if you were using a computer in school. To use this legally, you must have a properly licensed copy of Microsoft Office installed on your home computer.

3. Using Easylink file access, I am having difficulty saving work to my user area.

It is best to copy any files you need to your home computer, then work on them and save them on your home computer.

Then copy them back to your school user area once you have finished.

4. What version of Windows do I need?

Home access and remote desktop should work with Windows XP, Vista or 7. They do not currently work with other operating systems.

School e-mail online and the school intranet should be accessible with most browsers on most platforms.

5. What other software do I need?

You must use Internet Explorer, it does not work with other browsers. You can obtain the latest version from the Microsoft website or via Windows Update.

6. None of the above resolve my problems, what else can I do?

You can email our IT support team directly. If you do this please be as specific as possible. Explain

  • what version of Windows you are using
  • what version of Explorer you are using (click ‘Help’ then ‘About Internet Explorer’ and note the number)
  • what you have done
  • what happened.
  • Please include any error messages, screen shots of these can be helpful.