Hot Hub Meal Deal – Main and Dessert £2.20

High School Menu updated (extended dates)


Cakes & Biscuits 75p
Sweets & Custard 80p
Custard 35p
Fresh Fruit 40p
Fruit Pot 75p
Muller Yoghurt 65p

Hot Deli Grab ‘n’ Go

Hot Baguettes £1.80
Soup of the Day & Bread Roll £1.30
Hot Roast Baps £1.70
Hot Subs from £1.75
Panini from £1.80
Hot Wraps from £1.75
Pizza Slice / Pitta / Wrap from £1.25
Wedge Cone £1.15
Pasta King £1.75
Street Heats from £1.50
Love Joe’s from £1.70

Jacket Potatoes

Large Potato with 1 Filling £1.55
Large Potato with 2 Fillings £1.80
Large Potato with 3 Fillings £2.10

Cold Deli Grab ‘n’ Go

Sandwich Selection from £1.40
Salad Box of the Day £1.65
Fruit Pots 75p
Whole Fresh Fruit 40p
Juicy Fruit Mix 35p
Raisins & Sultanas 25g 35p


Sauce Portion 15p
Bread Roll / Bap 40p
Butter / Flora 10p

Breakfast / Morning Break

Daily Special from £1.20
Beans on Toast 75p
Cheese on Toast 65p
Crumpets 40p
Fresh Fruit 40p
Fruit Pot 75p
Hot filled Baps (Bacon / Sausage / Veggie) from £1.40
Muller Yoghurt 65p
Panini from £1.80
Pizza Pin Wheel 65p
PK Pockets £1.00
Poached Egg Muffin 70p
Sandwich Selection from £1.40
Soup of the Day & Bread Roll £1.30
Oatcakes with Cheese 85p
Oatcakes with Cheese & Beans £1.05
Oatcakes with Bacon & Beans £1.05
Toasted Bagel 65p
1/2 Toasted Teacake 35p
Toastie Selection from £1.40


Tea / Coffee 50p
Low Fat Hot Chocolate 60p
Nescafe / Options 75p
Semi Skimmed Milk 189ml 25p
Fruit Juice – Glass 30p
Flavoured Milk 60p
Still Water 500ml 55p
Calypso Pure Juice Cuplet 30p
Calypso Aque Juice Cup 35p
Calypso Pure Juice 200ml 60p
Calypso Berry Aid 330ml 65p
Calypso Fairtrade Orange Juice 70p
Iced Fruit Drink Regular 75p
Iced Fruit Drink Large £1.25
Thick Shake – Regular 75p
Thick Shake – Large £1.30
Sparkling Rapidz 80p
Yazoo All Flavours £1.20

Items subject to availability