Attendance Heroes

  • 28th March 2017

  • Megan Jones

  • This term’s Attendance Hero is Megan Jones. Megan - who is in year 11, has managed to gain 100% attendance every year here at school. She has only a short amount of time left to make it to 5 years at 100%. This is a huge achievement that only a handful of pupils achieve.

    This year Megan is the only Year 11 who is on track to achieve this, making it an even bigger achievement. Megan says she thinks her 100% attendance record will help her with her GCSE’s.

    We are in no doubt it will!
  • 9th March 2016

  • 7HG

  • The attendance heroes for this time is 7HG. Last half term an amazing 17 pupils out of the tutor group gained 100% attendance. Their current tutor group attendance is an impressive 97.6% smashing the school target of 96%. Well done 7HG and keep up the good work.

    Mrs Goodwin says, “7HG know how important attendance is. They understand that if they are not present, they cannot take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of staff. They are also aware, that if they do have time off, they will need to catch up on all work missed during their own time...but of course...the main factor which gets them in every day is that most of them really enjoy school and want to spend time with their friends”.

    This is what a few members of the form said when asked why they have good attendance:

    “I have good attendance because I enjoy school” - Thomas Harrison
    “I have good attendance because I want to get good grades in my GCSEs” - Joe Forster
    “Because we love getting certificates” - Lewis Fong
    “So I don’t have to catch up with loads of work” - Jessica Mollart-Price
    “So that I don’t miss out on anything exciting” - Bridie Connor-Davies
  • 1st February 2016

  • Peter Royall (11CM) & Ben Carter (11JAW)

  • This term’s attendance heroes are Peter Royall (11CM) and Ben Carter (11JAW). Both are Year 11 pupils who have attended every day since their first in Year 7. This is a massive achievement and I know they are both striving to ensure they achieve 100% for the entire 5 years.

    Well done Peter and Ben. Peter says “It’s not that hard to come in those extra few days and learn that possibly crucial bit of information that’s going to help you in the exam. It’s just getting ready for the world of work where you can’t have time off. You just have to have the determination to do well.”

    Ben says “if you are not in school you cannot learn, so it is important to come in as much as possible. If you have a cough, it’s not difficult to come in.”
  • 8th December 2015

  • Sam Handley (Year 11)

  • The attendance hero this time is Sam Handley in Year 11. Sam had an accident playing football this year.

    During the game he was tackled particularly badly which resulted in his leg being forced into an unnatural position. This caused Sam great pain and even worse he sustained a broken pelvis and severely damaged muscle and tissue in his leg. Sam was on crutches for over 8 weeks and, throughout this time, only missed two days of school, one of these days being for a fracture clinic appointment. He made his way to school and around school on his crutches with great determination and strength of character.

    Sam says: “although it was really hard being in school sometimes, in pain and on crutches, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss my lessons. Year 11 is a really important year and I knew I had my mock exams coming up before Christmas and I wanted to do my best in them.” Well done Sam!
  • 20th October 2015

  • Max Hough (Year 11)

  • The first attendance hero for this term is Max Hough in Year 11.

    Max has struggled with his attendance throughout his time at Sir Thomas Boughey. He has now turned a huge corner and so far this term has achieved 100% attendance - an achievement to be immensely proud of. Well done Max.

    Max says…“Since year 9 this has been the first time I have been able to go to school with ease because I have had support from the LSU. This has taken the stress away and helped me to concentrate on the work. I am now focusing on my core subjects like maths and English, and I really enjoy the work on ‘Of Mice And Men’. So far I have got 100% attendance and I would like to keep it up for the rest of the year.”
  • 30th June 2015

  • Lewis Coxon (9JD)

  • This half terms attendance Hero is Lewis Coxon in 9JD. Lewis has worked incredibly hard to improve his attendance and in particular his punctuality to school. All of this hard work has paid off and he received his first 100% attendance certificate this half term. Lewis has said that he feels ‘dead chuffed’ of what he has achieved. He is pleased that he has this to go into his GCSE folder and feels that coming to school every day on time has helped him enjoy school more. His aim for the next year is to be in on time every day to add more certificates to the one he has already achieved. Well done Lewis.
  • 7th July 2014

  • Aaron Ramsdale, Charlotte Prince and Josh Mason

  • As a new year begins, I thought it was important to mention the three Year 11 pupils who have managed to secure 100% attendance for their entire time so far here at STBH.

    It is a fantastic achievement that they should all be proud of and I hope they manage to continue with this faultless performance to obtain the rare achievement of 100% attendance for the entire five years. Congratulations to Aaron Ramsdale, Charlotte Prince and Josh Mason and good luck for the remainder of the year.

    Charlotte said: “School is important, so instead of having time off and having to catch up on missed lessons, it is much easier to attend school. For me this year, it is even more crucial that I don’t have time off school due to my GCSEs, so doctor’s appointments are made for very early times or during half term. Having a full attendance record is also beneficial to you when you are looking for a job or at colleges since they know that you are more likely to turn up and make the most of your time whilst you are there.”
  • 6th July 2014

  • Emilija Bould (Year 10)

  • Emilija has had difficulties with her attendance since Year 7. With support from school, and some real effort and determination, she has dramatically improved her attendance and even managed to achieve 100% last half term. Emilija says: ”I feel very happy that my attendance is far better than it was four years ago. I feel happier in school and I am pleased that I’ve been in all of my lessons.”

    “I was very happy when I got my 100% attendance slip from Mrs Hassall - I feel like it was a really big improvement from Year 7.”
  • 5th July 2014

  • Rebecca Babb in (9MG)

  • "I have problems with my joints that make it painful and difficult for me to get through the school day. I’ve also had to give up for now most of the things I love most, like drawing, playing sport and music. I really miss going out in crowded places (like shopping with friends), firework displays, going on fairground rides and ice-skating. These are things which I can’t do, because if I accidentally get bumped my shoulders “pop” out and I’m back to A and E or where is started with my physio. Even sleeping is diffficult because of pain."

    "Some of my friends wonder why I come to school, when I’ve got the best excuse to stay at home, watching TV, lying around trying to catch up on sleep and doing as little as possible. Even some of the teachers are surprised at my determination to stay at school, especially whenever I’ve just been reinjured which has happened at school several times since the problem first started with my joints in summer."

    "The thing is, being off school in the holidays when all your mates are off too is fine. If you’re off because your really sick and you just need to sleep then daytime TV is bad enough, but when everyone else is at school and you don’t actually feel unwell it is really petty boring at home."

    "So I come to school, even though it is hard, partly because I want to see my friends, but also because when I leave school I don’t want to have wasted the chance I have. I want to get a decent job so I can pay my way. I hope that my attitude and reputation at school will help me to get the job I want even if I don’t succeed as much as I would have done without my joint problems. I don’t want to leave school regretting wasted opportunities and then having to go to college to learn exactly what I should have learnt in the first place. So many kids and families throughout the world can only ever dream of getting an education, so I don’t want to be guilty of throwing mine away."
  • 4th July 2014

  • Charlotte Prince (11CW), Aaron Ramsdale (11KA) and Sean Williams (11NS)

  • Charlotte, Aaron and Sean have achieved 100% attendance for their 5 years at school. Well done and good luck to all Yr 11 pupils as they begin their GCSE exams.