Current Exam Timetables:

Year 9 Pupils’ Exam Timtable (Spring Term 2018)

2017 GCSE Exam Results:

  • Progress for SEN (Statement) top 20% Nationally
  • 36% of students gained a grade A and above (58% in vocational qualifications)
Progress 8 Score -0.21
Attainment 8 Score 46.74
Percentage of pupils who achieved a strong pass (grade 5) in English and Maths: 38.6%
Percentage of pupils who achieved a grade 4 in English and Maths: 63.6%
Percentage of pupils entered for English Baccalaureate: 4%
Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate: 3%
Percentage of pupils staying in education or employment after key stage 4: 97%

School performance tables can be accessed on the Department for Education website – click here.
Year 11 First Mock 2017


Awards for Achievement in External Examinations – 2017

Progress from Key Stage 2 to 3

Merlin Compton, Georgina Evans

All Round Success at Key Stage 3

Lauren Johnston, Rhys Parry

Achievement at Key Stage 3

Angus McCormack, Sarah Poole

Progress from Key Stage 3 to 4

Georgia Draper, Liam Gilbert

All Round Success at Key Stage 4

Charlotte Fone, Ella Myatt

Principal’s Prizes

(Head Boy) Jack Gater, (Head Girl) Megan Jones, (Deputy Head Boy) Benjamin Pratt, (Deputy Head Girl) Niamh Hartless

The Thorley Platt Award for Service to the Community

Connour Ashley