Past Pupils: 1990-1999

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
Tracey Ratcliffe (Maddox) 1990 Apprenticeship Lucas Rists Engineering. Now Self Employed Accountancy and Office Management
Joanne Tyler (Palmer) 1991 NULC N/A Treasurer & Fundraiser for Voluntary Disabled Community Group
Joanne Williams 1991 NULC Edinburgh BA(Hons) Textile Design. Now Business Development at Andrew Henry
Denise Prince 1992 NULC Staffordshire Degree in Business Studies. Now Office Manager for I.O.M
Alison Brain( Gibson) 1994 NULC N/A CIMA Accountancy. Now with Aspire Housing
Sarah Knight 1995 NULC Aberyswyth PhD in Finance. Now lecturer in Finance.
Johanna Burke-Richards 1996 NULC Birmingham BA(Hons) Business Studies
Alissia Coleman 1996 NULC Derby BA(Hons) Early Childhood Studies
Georgina Durber 1996 NULC Liverpool John Moores BA(Hons) Tourism & Leisure
David Finney 1996 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Product Design
Michelle Gorton 1996 NULC Ravensbourne BA(Hons) Moving Image Design
Andrew Harding 1996 NULC Staffordshire BSC(Hons) Building Surveying
Christopher Hood 1996 NULC Staffordshire BSC(Hons) Business Communications and Technology
Richard Hughes 1996 NULC Staffordshire BSC(Hons) Quantity Surveying
Naomi Huxley 1996 NULC Huddersfield BA(Hons) Media
Victoria Johnson 1996 NULC MMU BA(Hons) Business with Leisure
Graeme Leese 1996 NULC Staffordshire BSC (Hons) Computer Science
Lucy Turner 1996 NULC Keele Nursing
Daniel Warham 1996 NULC Keele BSC (Hons) Geography. Now teaching Geography
Lindsey Wells 1996 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Marketing
Steven Allingham 1997 NULC Staffordshire BSc (Hon) Internet Technology
Carla Bagnall 1997 NULC MMU BA(Hons) Business with Leisure
Gavin Barker 1997 NULC Keele BA(HONS) Computer Science and Law
Richard Bayley 1997 NULC NULC HND Graphical Design
Luke Beilby 1997 NULC Nottingham Trent BSC(Hons) Enviromental Health
Luke Edlin 1997 NULC Keele BSC(Hons) Biochemistry and Biology
Kirsty Barlow 1998 NULC MMU BSc Sports Coaching and Exercise Science
Rebecca Bell 1998 NULC MMU BA (Hons) Education Stuudies and History
Amanda Boyle 1998 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Business Studies
Suzanne Emery 1998 NULC Blackpool and Flyde BA(Hons) Photography
Danielle Johnson 1998 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Psychology
Ian Lawton 1998 NULC Staffordshire BSc (Hons) Computer Graphics, Imaging & Visual Communication
Rebecca Ogen 1998 NULC Staffordshire BA Design Photography
Nicola Pleavin 1998 NULC Derby BSc(Hons) Therapeutic Radiography
Claire Rowley 1998 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Interactive Multimedia
Benjamin Stringer 1998 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Sports & Leisure Management
Paul Dodd 1999 NULC Staffordshire BSc Network and Communciations
Natalie Huxley 1999 NULC MMU BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sports
David Johnson 1999 NULC MMU BA/BSc (Hons) in Business and Spott
Hayley Johnson 1999 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Cultural and Media Studies
Sara Johnson 1999 NULC Teeside BSc(Hons) Sports Rehabilitation Criminology & Psychology
Christopher Knight 1999 NULC Staffordshire BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems, Psychology and Sports
Gemma Moulton 1999 NULC MMU BA (Hons) Business Management
Claire Sale 1999 NULC MMU BA(Hons) Physical Education (Secondary)
Alison Smith 1999 NULC Keele BSc(Hons) Criminology and Psychology
Shaun Sproston 1999 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Interactive Multimedia
Andrew Stevenson 1999 NULC Wolverhampton BA (Hons) Furniture Design
Stuart Tait 1999 NULC Bolton BCs Leisure Computing technology
Emily Titterton 1999 NULC MMU BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts
Katie Warham 1999 NULC Keele BA Applied Social Studies and Philosophy. Now living in USA