Past Pupils: 2004

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
James Hannon 2004 Stoke on Trent Sixth Form College Lancaster University Masters Degree in Computer Science now Lead iOS developer and Project Lead
Kyle Bould 2004 Retail Training Duty Management Assistant Management Trespass
Michael Brennan 2004 SFC Aberystwyth Then Leiden Degree in Political Science now Editorial Journalism for P.E.N.
Carly Donnelly 2004 NULC MMU Childhood Studies
Sarah Gibson 2004 N/A N/A Community Police Officer
Andrew Jennings 2004 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Fine Art
Alan Thompson 2004 Engineering Outdoor Pursuits Company Retail Stock Control with Sainsburys N/A
Michael Woolley 2004 NULC Staffordshire HND Business