Past Pupils: 2005

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
Andrew Brown 2005 NULC Keele BSc (Hons) IT Management for Business
Robert Brown 2005 NULC Keele BA(Hons) English Media, Communications and Culture
Kathryn Dutton 2005 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Business Studies
Carla Gilbert 2005 NULC Staffordshire LLB(Hons) Law
Joanne Glover 2005 SFC N/A Recruitment Consultant with Spring Personnel
Natalaya Hamideh 2005 NULC Bristol BA(Hons) Graphic Design
Natalie Harrison 2005 NULC MMU Childhood Studies
Leanne Heath 2005 NULC Keele Psychiatric Nursing
Matthew Howard 2005 SFC Liverpool John Moores Architecture
Rebecca Hughes-Evans 2005 South Cheshire Bath Spa Degree in RE and Pyschology, now teaching in Longton
Andrew Lester 2005 NULC Sheffield Hallam BA(Hons) Graphics
Katrina Mackenzie 2005 NULC Staffordshire LLB(Hons) Law
Christopher Moore 2005 NULC Wolverhampton LLB(Hons) Law
Rebecca Shutt 2005 NULC Staffordshire BSc(Hons) Exercise and Health