Past Pupils: 2007

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
Lauren Adams 2007 NULC Staffordshire BSc Criminology & Psychology
William Barlow 2007 NULC Staffordshire BSc (Hon) Computer Networks and Security
Samantha Brooks 2007 South Cheshire Birmingham BA (Hons) English
Annaliese Broomfield 2007 NULC Derby LLB Laws (Hons) Law & Criminology
Jordan Burrows 2007 NULC Staffordshire BSc Sports Exercise Science
Kathryn Cartwright 2007 NULC Keele BA (Hons) Human Resources Management & Marketing
Hayley Cicatello 2007 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) English Lit & Media Studies
Matthew Darlington 2007 NULC Circuit and Component Wiring with Niscam N/A
Benjamin Farr 2007 NULC Gloucester BA (Hons) Fine Arts Photography
Laura Garwood 2007 South Cheshire MMU BA(Hons) Media Production
Daniella Gillie 2007 ST Josephs Lancashire BSc (Hons) Forensic Science
Daniel Hall 2007 NULC Coventry N/A
Nicholas Harrison 2007 NULC Staffs BSc (Hons) Business Economics
Samuel Hickson 2007 NULC Plymouth BA (Hons) Illustration
Lauren Horne 2007 South Cheshire Keele Worked at LLoyds TSB starting learning support Ravensmead Sept 2012
Nico Hughes 2007 Alsager MMU BSc Hons in Sports & Sports Dev. Personal Trainer Strength and Conditioning Coach Fitness First
Dean Kelter 2007 NULC Staffordshire BSc (Hons) Policing and Criminal Investigations
Frances Lickley 2007 Stoke Staffordshire N/A
Ceri Lloyd 2007 South Cheshire Liverpool BSc(Hons) Biovetinerinary Now Teaching
Hollie Masters-Jones 2007 NULC Staffordshire LLB Law (Hons)
Leonna Mayor 2007 NULC Apprenticeship Brian Baugh Racehorse Jockey now Professional with Alastair Lidderdale in Lambourn
Charlotte McIntyre 2007 NULC Staffordshire Graphics and Digital Design(Foundation)
Harley Moody 2007 NULC Keele Diploma in Learning Disability Nursery
Chris Moore 2007 NULC Wolverhampton BA (Hons) Graphic Communications
Alexandra Morris 2007 NULC Leeds BSc Hons Psychology
Nicholas Norris 2007 NULC Staffordshire BSc (Hons) Applied Information Technology
William Peers 2007 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Illusration
Nicola Platt 2007 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) 3D Design:Craft
Kirstie Prince 2007 Reaseheath N/A Floristry
Edward Ramsdale 2007 NULC Derby BA (Hons) Crime and Justice
Kei Reynolds 2007 South Cheshire Army Soldier
Andrew Russell 2007 NULC Apprenticeship Self Employed Builder
Alexander Scott Smith 2007 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Business Management and Enterpreneurship
Emily Smith 2007 NULC Keele Diploma in Mental Health Nursery
Samantha Soane 2007 NULC Coventry BA (Hons) Media
Samuel Stanyard-Makepeace 2007 NULC Keele BA (Hons) Business Management and Law
Hauron Stanyer 2007 Burslem Apprebticeship Plumbing with Richard Mercer
Shaun Tidyman 2007 NULC Wolverhampton BSc (Hons) Policing now in the Army
Darren Till 2007 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Business Studies
Rebecca Titus-Cobb 2007 South Cheshire Kings London BA (Hons) History
Amy Weaver 2007 South Cheshire Keele BA(Hons) Business and Finance
Faye Wickham 2007 NULC Keele BA (Hons) English and Geography
Lorna Wilde 2007 South Cheshire Drama School N/A
Stephanie Wood 2007 NULC Staffordshire BSs Sports and Exercise Science
Ben Wright 2007 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Illustration