Past Pupils: 2009

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
Tom Allen 2009 SFC University of Chichester BA (Hons) Adventure Education
Steven Baddeley 2009 South Cheshire South Cheshire FdA Business & Management
Emily Bagguley 2009 NULC Bradford MSc (Hons) Chemistry
Luke Biddulph 2009 NULC MMU BA Hons Education Studies & Sport
Jonathan Birkin 2009 NULC Staffordshire MEng (Hons) Computer Games Design
Max Bowman 2009 NULC Staffordshire Foundation Degree Graphics and Digital Design
Emma Caton 2009 South Cheshire N/A A2 Programme
Kirsty Cessford 2009 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Psychology & Life Challenges
Stephanie Cicatello 2009 NULC Staffordshire BA( Hons) Eearly Childhood Studies
Liam Clemson 2009 South Cheshire Chester BA (Hons) TV Production and Radio Production
Hayley Cookson 2009 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) Crime & Deviance & Society
Emily Cooper 2009 NULC Sheffield BSC (Hons) Psychology
Joshua Cooper 2009 NULC Staffordshire BSC (Hons) Applied IT
Laura Crook 2009 NULC N/A N/A
Kirsty Doyle 2009 NULC Apprenticeship Headmasters of Audley
Dean Eccleston 2009 NULC Liverpool John Moores BA (Hons) Architecture
Chloe Everill 2009 NULC Salford BA(Hons) Fashion
Julia Farrington 2009 SFC N/A N/A
Sophie Ginnelly 2009 SFC N/A N/A
Sarah Glover 2009 NULC N/A Level 2 Diploma Art & Design
Kimberly Grocott 2009 South Cheshire Keele BSc (Hons) Nursing
Jack Ireland 2009 ST Joseph’s Bangor BSC Sports Science
Kyle Kennedy 2009 SFC N/A N/A
Liam Kelly 2009 N/A N/A NVQ Level 2 Barber Rogers of Chell
Kyle Kennedy 2009 SFC N/A N/A
Jade Lincoln-Evans 2009 South Cheshire Chester BA (Hons) Tourism Management
Jamie Lowe 2009 South Cheshire Working Acting Agency
Faye Machin 2009 South Cheshire Staffordshire BA (Hons) Psychology
Rebecca Micklewright 2009 NULC N/A Early Years Practitioner
Dean Mohring 2009 South Cheshire Staffordshire FdA Law
Beth Moody 2009 NULC Keele BSC (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing with Health Foundation Yr
Charlotte Moores 2009 NULC Staffordshire BA(Hons) Early Childhood Studies
Samuel Morrey 2009 NULC Sheffield BA (Hons) Games Design
Niall O’Connor 2009 South Cheshire Durham BA(Hons) Accountancy and Finance
Mathew Pass 2009 South Cheshire Nottingham BSc(Hons) Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry
Laura Peers 2009 NULC Liverpool LLB Law (Hons)
Hannah Purkiss 2009 NULC Staffordshire BA (Hons) International Business Management
Laura Scarlett 2009 South Cheshire Keele BA(Hons) Midwifery
Carlie Swancott 2009 South Cheshire N/A A2 Programme
Lucy Thomason 2009 NULC Derby BSc Psychology
Charlie Whitmore 2009 NULC Leeds Geophysical Sciences MSCI (Hone)
Thomas Whittaker 2009 SFC N/A N/A
Alexia Wild 2009 South Cheshire N/A Sports and Exercise Science BTEC Level 3
Joseph Wilde 2009 South Cheshire N/A A2 Programme
Thomas Wood 2009 South Cheshire Salford BA (Hons TV & Radio Production)