Past Pupils: 2010

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
Louis Axon 2010 Reaseheath BTEC & Diploma in Food Manufacture & Design N/A
Jake Broomfield 2010 NULC Diploma in Carpentery N/A
Jacob Evans 2010 NULC Apprenticeship Joinery N/A
Kelly Evans 2010 NULC BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care N/A
Connor Harris 2010 NULC A Level in Biology, Chemistry & Physics N/A
Laura Hassall 2010 NULC A Level & BTEC in Applied Science N/A
Joshua Herant 2010 South Cheshire Media BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 N/A
Matthew Pritchard 2010 South Cheshire Vehicle Maintenance Diploma Level 1 N/A
Rosie Simpson 2010 South Cheshire A2 Programme N/A
Danielle Smith 2010 Cardiff Bachelor of Midwifery (Hons) having won a funded place
Ryan Thorpe 2010 NULC Staffordshire University BSc Web Development