Past Pupils: Before 1990

Forename Surname Left Post 16 Post 18 Qualifications/what now
Richard Platt 1985 Apprenticeship Lucas Rists Now New Product Introduction Manager Leoni Working on Jaguar
Sharon Hulse 1986 YTS Hospital Clercal Now Clinical Photography for NHS
Jason Prince 1986 NULC N/A Now Cylinder Liason Officer for Air Liquide
Ian Gibson 1987 NULC Apprenticeship Now Heating Engineer for BCD Mechanical Services
Tracey Jervis(Finney) 1988 NULC Keele PhD after degree in Chemsitry & Biochemsitry. Now Design Development with Atos
Simon Clarke 1989 Link Training N/A Now DJ at Bar 360 Hanley and for Old School Vinyl
Sara Pepper 1989 NULC Staffordshire Now Nurse Practitioner Brook Medical Centre