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School Council News

  • Date: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

    The following pupils have been elected to the school council for 2017-18:

    Year 7: Fire – Layla Turkman (7KQ), Air – Celica Gilford, Earth – Blake Smith, Water – Jake Hill

    Year 8: Fire – Bethany Faulkner, Air – Luci Barnett, Earth – Katie Ashton, Water – Mitchell Windsor

    Year 9: Fire – Sophie Ashley, Air – Freya Bratton, Earth – Jamie Welsh, Water – Beth Johnson

    Year 10: Fire – Miles Litherland, Air – Ryan Warburton, Earth – Ella Baddeley, Water – Dylan Banks

    Year 11: Fire – Isaac Williams, Air – Ben Underwood, Earth – Ewan Bates, Water – Poppy Degg

  • Date: Monday, October 10th, 2016

    The following pupils have been elected to the School Council:

    Harry Nixon (7RS), Amber Davidson (7CM), Joshua Burke (8CLM), Isabelle Lovatt (8KC), Luke West (9MMB), Emily Sale (9MMB).
    Years 7, 8 and 9 were elected through an election process.
    Years 10 and 11 have been co-opted on to the school council.

    Ewan Bates 10WP
    Year 11s – Jacob Edge, Zoe Johnston, Will Bailey, Libby Vernon, Toby Booth.

  • Date: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

    The School Council had a busy half term just before Christmas, fundraising and organising the Toy Box Appeal, the Salvation Army Toy Appeal, the Children in Need Bingo session and also helping with the Christmas Fayre. A few of the School Council were also involved with the Christmas L.A.P Shindig, where they acted as hosts for the afternoon. This half term, they continue to promote the caring side of our community raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

    On Friday 6th February the whole school is joining in with the “Wear it. Beat it” campaign. Pupils are invited to swap one item of their school uniform for a red item, in return for a £1 donation. Pupils must wear regulation school trousers, shoes and their blazer but we are hoping for a sea of red shirts/ties/hair decorations all to raise money and also awareness for the fantastic job the British Heart Foundation do. We hope you will also support this and join in with us too. Donations can be handed in to the school reception.

    The School Council page on the website now has a suggestion box for pupils to offer ideas of future events and ideas for how we can improve our school environment. Over the winter, we have all been appreciative of the shelters in the yards, which were kindly provided for us by the legacy of Mrs Thorley Platt.