You will receive three progress reports per year (one each term) which will be sent home via your son/daughter. Once you have read the information, please complete the slip on the enclosed letter to acknowledge receipt and add your comments.


On the progress sheet, you will notice the last column (on the right) states the target for your child for each subject. This column heading is labelled as ‘KS3 Target’.

This target is based on prior attainment data, external statistical indicators and the professional judgement of the teaching staff. Your child’s target is the National Curriculum Level that the subject teacher expects your child to achieve at the end of Year 9. This is likely to range from Level 4 to Level 8, with 8 being the highest KS3 Level.

Progress Level:

Looking at the column headings stating the term and year group (for example, ‘Autumn Year 7’ or ‘Spring Year 9’) you will find the progress Level for your child. This Level is subdivided into a/b/c, with ‘a’ being high and ‘c’ low. For example, a Level 5a suggests progress is close to a Level 6c, whereas a Level 5c suggests progress is close to a Level 4a. This sublevelling is helpful because it enables you to see progress within a Level. For example, if Summer Year 8 progress data was 5b, but Autumn Year 9 data is a 5a, you can see there has been progress of one sublevel. Simply reporting whole Levels will not allow you to see progress within a Level.

The last progress data entered (i.e. the Level closest to the Target column) states the National Curriculum Level that your child is currently working at. This is in bold and contains the progress information for the current term.

You will notice that all prior progress data is included for your child. For example, if your child is in Year 9, you will have historical progress data from when your child was in Years 7 and 8. This will allow you to track the progress that your child has made each term at Sir Thomas Boughey. Over the course of Key Stage 3, you should see a steady progression that accelerates towards the target Level in the final months of Year 9.

Please be aware that the first Pupil Progress Report received by Year 7 will not contain prior progress data as the Autumn Term is their first reporting season at the school.


You will also notice a column entitled, ‘Comments’. Such comments may highlight areas of excellence or areas that are causing concern and thus limiting progress.

The report also includes your child’s current percentage attendance and how many times your son/daughter has been late for school so far this academic year.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please contact the school. In the first instance this should be your child’s tutor or Head of Year.

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