Art – A GCSE Course

Art - 2

The course fosters and encourages individual expression, imagination, an understanding of visual language and the development of practical skills. Throughout the course, pupils will be involved in investigative projects working with a variety of techniques and media: drawing; painting; collage; mixed media; printmaking and sculpture.

A range of starting points will be given, including: observation of man made and/or natural forms; portraiture and figures; landscape and either the local environment or constructed environments. These will be linked to historical and contemporary artists and designers from different cultures.

How will the work be assessed?

Controlled Assessment: 60%

Pupils have to create a portfolio to demonstrate their ability to research, develop and realise ideas in a variety of ways. Taking up to 45 hours to produce, pupils have to document their thinking, planning and decision making through the use of sketchbooks, design sheets or preliminary studies.

Examination: 40%

This takes the form of a two day exam using a total of 10 hours. Pupils will be given the exam paper in January, allowing them time to research their chosen question, make drawings, and to experiment with materials and techniques, in the two months prior to the two-day practical exam.

Are there different levels of entry?

Art has only a single tier of entry.