English is a successful, innovative and highly-regarded Department which has an important place within the life of Sir Thomas Boughey High School.

The English Department aims to:

  • Provide an engaging, meaningful and appropriate learning experience for every pupil at Sir Thomas Boughey High School;
  • Instil a passion for language and literature in pupils so that they can enjoy the subject as well as achieve their potential;
  • Sustain a calm, safe learning environment for pupils in which behaviour and attitudes are good;
  • Take every step to protect the well-being of pupils in its classrooms;
  • Create an attitude of mutual respect, in which every pupil feels valued;
  • Arrange opportunities for enrichment;
  • Be aware (and track the progress) of those likely to underachieve and to use intervention successfully to ensure that all groups of pupils make progress;
  • Ensure pupils make rapid and sustained progress through effective tracking and monitoring;
  • Concentrate lessons on key learning objectives and use strategies to involve pupils in their learning;
  • Remain flexible in responding to pupils’ progress as lessons develop;
  • Promote independence as a tool to facilitate focussed learning;
  • Fully prepare pupils for the GCSE qualification;
  • Ensure that preparations for national tests and examinations is appropriate and does not limit the range of the curriculum or pupils’ opportunities for creativity in English;
  • Secure effective transition and continuity in curriculum and assessment in English between Key Stages Two and Three;
  • Ensure that the English curriculum at Key Stage Three has a clear and distinct purpose that is explained to students and builds in, where possible, tasks, audiences and purposes that engage students with the world beyond the classroom;
  • Assist in the strengthening of whole-school Literacy work across all Departments to ensure that pupils extend and consolidate their Literacy skills in all appropriate contexts;
  • Develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment throughout the school.

Teaching Staff

There are eight well-qualified, experienced teachers in the English Department along with a specialist teaching assistant.

Name Role
Mr S. Taylor BEd Head of English
Mr A. Figgis BA Teacher of English
Mrs A. Green BA MA Teacher of English
Mrs J. Hingley BA Teacher of English
Mr M. Kerr BA Teacher of English
Miss M. Wilson BA Teacher of English
Miss R. Carter BA Teaching Assistant