We would like students to have many opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in Food and Catering. We hope to give you challenging recipes where you will learn new skills and hopefully try out recipes at home! Food is an important life skill. You eat every day and you will learn about different ingredients and different cooking methods. You should know how to make healthy food choices and have a healthy balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

At Key Stage Three pupils study food for 10 weeks each year. Lessons are one hour for ten weeks. You will learn through a range of practical and theory tasks.

Your Food Lessons at Sir Thomas Boughey

  1. We expect you to come to lessons ready to learn and take part in the activities set.
  2. You should always have your ingredients with you for food lessons. If you wish to alter a recipe for dietary / family needs, you must discuss this with your teacher prior to the lesson.
  3. Ingredients need to be placed in the fridges in your food classroom, before 8.30am.
  4. Always use the tools and equipment safely.
  5. Listen to instructions carefully – this means that you do what you are told and do not risk the safety of others/ yourself.
  6. Finished products will be collected at the end of the day – 3.30pm.
  7. Do not disrupt your group – this disturbs other people as they want to learn and enjoy the lesson.
  8. Respect teachers, staff and other students in the food rooms. Take advice when necessary.
  9. Parents can contact the Food department at any time by telephoning the school.
  10. Enjoy your Food lessons and make the most of the opportunities given to you.