Health & Social Care

This double award prepares pupils who may wish to have a career in the health and social care industry, or in early years setting (e.g. a nursery).

The course covers 4 compulsory units:

  • Health, social care and early years provision (coursework).
  • Promoting health and well being (coursework).
  • Understanding personal development and relationships (external examination).
  • Safeguarding and protecting individuals (external examination).

How will the work be assessed?

  • Controlled assessment will account for 60% of the final award and external examinations account for 40% of the final award.
  • Two units will be assessed through controlled assessment, each worth 30% of the overall award.
  • Two units will be assessed by external examination, each worth 20% of the final award.

Are there different levels of entry?

There is one tier of entry offering the full range of grades A*-G.


It is essential that candidates who opt for this course organise at least one week of their Year 10 work experience in an appropriate health, social care or early years setting.