History: A GCSE Course


The course will enable pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of the past, covering aspects of International History 1919-2005.

Pupils will also explore the key features and characteristics of British history from 1890-1918, and Germany 1919 – 1945.

The third element is a study of South Africa and Apartheid. Pupils will chart significant changes, issues, people and events.

How will the work be assessed?

Controlled Assessment: 25%

There will be one piece of work based on South Africa, Apartheid and Minority Rule. This is completed during Year 10. Planning and the completion of this assessment will be done within lessons.

Examination: 75%

There are two written papers: one will be taken in Year 10 and one will be taken in Year 11.

  • Paper 1 Exam

    • is worth 45%
    • This paper covers International History (1919 – 2005) and Germany (1919 – 1945).
    • This is a two hour examination.

  • Paper 2 Exam

    • Is worth 30%
    • This paper covers British history, studying three topics. These are Liberal reform, Votes for Women and Britain during the First World War.
    • This is a source based paper.
    • This is a one hour 30 minutes examination.

    Are there different levels of entry?

    There is only one level of entry for history. This offers the full range of grades A* – G.